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About PredOxyPack

PredOxyPack is a fast, always accessible and easy-to-use software tool that simulates the oxygen evolution over time in the headspace of user-defined packages. Different packaging designs, packaging materials, product volumes, and temperature profiles can be used. PredOxyPack is an excellent tool to compare the differences in packaging materials for realistic storage conditions based on the technical data sheets.


  • Choose your package design: using a drop down menu, the user can easily choose between the most common packaging designs (bag, tray, cylinder, bottle and cap). There is also the possibility to choose for a custom design (e.g. stand-up pouches).
  • Compare between different materials: up to 6 different packaging designs and materials for a realistic time temperature combination (cfr. storage of the packed product) can be compared by an easily interpreted graphical representation.
  • Export your results: simulation results can be exported to Excel and PDF simulation reports can be generated effortlessly.
  • Permeability database: for 13 monomer materials, the software contains the permeability value (min, max and default value).
  • Multilayer materials: various monolayers can be combined, simulating sophisticated multilayer materials.
  • Automatic unit conversion: PredOxyPack contains the conversions of the most important units to calculate the oxygen evolution in the package (dimension, volume, area, and pressure).
  • Save simulations: Simulation sessions can be saved in a personal database with a user-specified name and can be reopened later.
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Choose between 4 off-the-shelf package designs or define your own custom design

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Define complex multilayer materials for your package components

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Compare between headspace O2 levels of different package configurations

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Detailed reports containing the results and full package configuration can be exported to PDF or spreadsheet.

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